We are the only company to offer Tester Packs for our CBD Products because we want YOU to make informed decisions when to comes to your health and money!

Each bottle is 7.5ml with 150 drops.

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Here you can try:

4-Packs 50mg - 1500mg each.


6-Packs 50mg - 1500mg each.


Here are your choices for your 4 & 6-PACK:

Morning Motivator 

Anti-Inflammatory & Pain Relief

Mental Focus 

Rest & Recovery

Anti-Nausea & Upset Stomach

Anti-Spasm & Convulsant


Pick your Flavor Choices for each bottle:



Juicy Orange



No Flavor 


Ingredients: THC Free Organic Cannabidiol, Organic Flavoring, Organic MCT Oil & Custom Terpene Profile. 

Tester Packs

  • Step 1: Choose a delish flavor, or No Flavor. We highly suggest adding a flavors for all Terpene Blends.


    Step 2: Choose a Terpene Strength of either LOW or HIGH. For any product, it is best to work your way up in strength. Terpenes work synergistically with CBD creating the wanted entourage effect.


    Step 3: Choose your CBD Strength. The higher the milligrams (mg) per bottle the more CBD per drop. That means you'll need to consume less drops for your needed dosage, and it also saves you money the higher CBD amount there is per bottle.


    Step 4: For this pack, add in the additional text field the flavors you would like for each specific blend.


    Step 5: Learn How To Order Here!