Ingredients: THC Free Organic Cannabidiol, Organic Flavoring & Organic MCT Oil


Not only is our DANK Classic CBD Tincture the most customizable CBD Product available on the market but it is also designed specifically for the needs you are looking to fill with CBD! 


This original DANK Classic Tincture line boasts 250-5000mg 99.9% PURE CBD for your specific dosing needs which contains NO THC and comes in a wide variety of organic flavors.

Each bottle is 1oz/30ml and see dosing information is HERE!


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DANK Classic Tincture

  • Step 1: Choose a delish flavor, or No Flavor. 


    Step 2: Choose your CBD Strength. The higher the milligrams (mg) per bottle the more CBD per drop. That means you'll need to consume less drops for your needed dosage, and it also saves you money the higher CBD amount there is per bottle.


    Step 3: ORDER! You can use just your Credit Card/Debit Card by still clicking the Paypal button and just choose the "Use Credit/Debit Card" option so you do not have to create a Paypal Account if you do not wish to :)