CBD is being studied for its effects on memory. While THC has the reputation of making you be a bit forgetful, CBD has the opposing effect. It actually helps to strengthen your focus, memory, concentration, willingness to learn, lessen distractions and irritability.


Do you have problems focusing on one thing at a time in this day in age? Do you find your days flying by faster and faster every day while nothing seems to change? Do you feel like you can’t get anything done?


Most of us have felt at least one of those things. But, if you answer yes to more than one on a very repeated basis..then you may have what is referred to as clinical Endocannabinoid deficiency (CECD). This is when the body is lacking essential Endocannabinoids that help your mind and body word efficiently and effectively through your day and night cycles.


By ingesting CBD + Terpene with 100% Pure natural Vegan and Organic Products like Dank Tinctures on a regular basis, you are likely to reduce the speed of your neurotransmitters and offer your brain some time to regain focus and mental clarity.


For those who have ADHD this can be extremely beneficial once you find the right dose for your needs! Current ADHD drugs that can have cocaine/speed like effects and really do not provide those who take them the quality of life that they deserve to experience. They also include crappy side effects like nervousness, lack of proper appetite and sleeping problems.


Due to the non-psychoactive properties of CBD, and its incredibly synergistic partner Terpenes, our Dank Tinctures Mental Focus is safe and legal for school, work, professional and regular sports and everyday life activities (as well as all of our other products!). Mental Focus is the tincture that has the most synergistic qualities possible to aid you in your everyday focusing need more than any of our other current products.


We made our Dank Tinctures just for your needs! We have formulated a special CBD + Terpene Blend to provide you the maximum properties that comes in 100 - 5000mg CBD with the ability to choose your Terpene Strength from LOW or HIGH as well as choose from a variety of flavors.

At the moment there are no standard regulations for CBD dosages as everyone responds differently. The CBD Oil Review suggests using between 2.5 and 20 milligrams (mg) per day for mental focus, but there are many that take up to 500mg per day, as it is not something you can overdose from and focus needs differ greatly between users.


We recommend you start small and work your way up so that you can find your perfect dose to reap the proper benefits you are seeing and reduce any unwanted side effects.