Finally, a Hemp CBD Oil made for Kids! Our Dank Kids line consists of our Morning Jumpstart Blend and our Rest & Relaxation Blend for nighttime. Kids need a daily supplementation of CBD just as adults do and that younger they start the healthier, more balanced, stronger and independent they will be as they grow up. Perfect for any child 14 and under. For Children over 14, you can refer back to all of our other CBD Products.


The Morning Jumpstart CBD Tincture Oil boasts between your choice of 100-1500mg 99.9% PURE CBD Isolate that contains NO THC as well as a Low or High Dose of our Custom 100% Natural Terpene profile designed specifically for this tincture that aids in happiness, focus, creativity, drive and more as you can see below!


The Morning Jumpstart Specifically Aids in the following for your child's needs:

Pain Reliever, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Anxiety, Stress Reliever, Anti-Biotic, Anti-Cancer, Anti-Fungal, Antioxidant, Anti-Spasm, Anti-Tumor, Helps THC To Take Effect Quicker, Insomnia Aid, Memory Aid, Muscle Relaxant, Elevated, Body Buzz, Calming, Uplifting, Anti-Depression, Anti, Microbial, Anti-Convulsant, Anti-Depression, Antiseptic, Pain Reliever, Nausea, Anti-Epileptic,  Mood Heightener,Focused, Energetic, Relaxed, Happy, Bronchodialator, Short Term Memory Loss, Heartburn & Acid Reflux, Immunostimulant, and Increases Blood Flow To The Heart

This Rest & Relaxation CBD Oil boasts between your choice of 250 & 500mg 99.9% PURE CBD Isolate that contains NO THC as well as a Low or High Dose of our Custom 100% Natural Terpene profile designed specifically for this incredible blend that will aid providing your little bambino nighttime relief from your every day stressors (emotional, mental, physical). Enjoy this end of day relaxation aid that will finally give your child's mind and body the rest it has been searching for.

The Rest & Relaxation Specifically Aids in the following for your child's needs:

Sleep Aid, Pain Reliever, Anti-Anxiety, Calming, Anti-Bacterial, Used to Dissolve Gallstones, Anti-Depression, Memory Aid, Sedative, Pain Reliever, Anti-Microbial, Anti-Biotic, Antioxidant, Anti-Cancer, Anti-Tumor, Anti-Convulsant, Antiseptic, Anti-Epileptic, Nausea, Anti-Spasm, Anti-Inflammatory, Stress Reliever, Energetic, Insomnia Aid, Happy, Muscle Relaxant, Mood Heightener, Anti-Fungal, Focused, Body Buzz, Uplifting, Relaxed, Heartburn & Acid Reflux, Focused, Immunostimulant, Bronchodialator, Helps THC To Take Effect Quicker, Elevated, Short Term Memory Loss

Each bottle is 1oz/30ml and see dosing information is HERE!


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Step 1: Choose a delish flavor, or No Flavor. We highly suggest adding a flavors for all Terpene Blends.

Step 2: Choose a Terpene Strength of either LOW or HIGH if the choice is given. For any product, it is best to work your way up in strength. Terpenes work synergistically with CBD creating the wanted entourage effect. *If you choose the Classic Tincture, you do not need to choose a Terpene Strength.

Step 3: Choose your CBD Strength. The higher the milligrams (mg) per bottle the more CBD per drop. That means you'll need to consume less drops for your needed dosage, and it also saves you money the higher CBD amount there is per bottle.

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Dank Flavors Tinctures are 100% Organic, Natural, Vegan, Pure and Freakin' Delish. We have kept all users in mind from adults to children to athletes to those recovering from addictions. We have, and are working, on something for everyone.

We got tired of seeing so many confusing websites offering CBD Tinctures that were not even pure, had no synergistic terpenes to benefit from and tasted terrible. You have the full ability to now get what you WANT and NEED out of your CBD Products, without all of the guessing that comes with it. Stop getting stuck with tinctures you don't want, because you are unclear about what you should get!


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