We make it easy for you to provide our Custom Dank Flavors Blends to your customers by giving you some incredibly competitive prices for all of our All Vegan - THC Free - Double 3rd Party Lab Tested - Natural - Custom Blended - Small Quantity Created - Need Based products!

We offer incredible prices at a low minimum of only $300. Our products are unlike any other on the market and we pride ourselves in making sure that your brick and mortar or online business will get the business it deserves.

Dank Flavors Products are SPECIALTY Need Based Products for those who are taking their CBD needs seriously and whom re looking for the most affordable and caring company to aid in fulfilling their needs. We have worked hard to created Tinctures Formulated with Synergistic Terpene Profiles that have been customized for the needs they are aiming to fulfill. 

Most of our customers come from larger companies and those whom do not use terpenes or understand their role in how CBD can best benefit your customers body. We are the last company you will ever go to for your CBD Needs once you experience our service, kindness, openness, innovation and see how quickly our products fly off your shelves! 

Our Current Lines Include:

Classic CBD

Adult Need Based

Kid Need Based

Athlete Performance



We also offer our Dosing Cards at $30 for 250 which shows how to dose all of our Tinctures per drop all the way up to 40 drops. It also shows a TON of ailments that CBD works to help remedy on the back. Here is an Example of one we did for a Gym in Orlando. We put their logo in the middle left of the Dosing Card front and that whole space you are able to use for your graphics or store logo!


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