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Dank Flavors is a company driven and rooted in giving back to the community!  We are passionate about improving people's lives and wanted to reward you with a ways to give back too!  So we created our Dank Flavors Gives Back & Dank Flavors Ambassador Programs

Dank Flavors Gives Back Program is expressed as follows: For every $100 we make, we will donate a 100mg of CBD to a Veteran or someone with a Severe Adaptation who is in need of our products.  As a Dank Flavors customer you have the ability to literally help give the world back its health, independence, excitement and zest for life with every purchase!

If you're on this page its likely you're looking to become part of the Live Dank Lifestyle. If you like what we stand for at Dank Flavors, are excited about how CBD is helping heal this world and want to make some extra income, we created a way for you to become more involved!  Help others heal while helping yourself with our Dank Flavors Ambassador Program.  We're searching for individuals who believe in the healing qualities of Cannabis and some of its best gifts which fuel our Dank Flavors products - CBD & Terpenes.  We'd love to hear from you and your interest in joining our Dank Flavors Ambassador Program!  Passionate Individuals Only Please! 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Please contact us with any questions you may have that are not addressed here.

What do I make from each Dank Sale?

You'll receive a commission of 20% on every sale made by customers using your personalized code, while your customers save 10% on their order! If you bring someone else onto the Dank Flavors Ambassadors Team, you can earn 2% of their commissions as well, which can add up fast for those determined to get their foot into the industry before it explodes.

When do I get paid?

We follow a bi-weekly payout schedule for our Ambassadors unlike others, which only pay out PER MONTH, which is insane for anyone trying to make an honest living with great product like what Dank Flavors offers!

Minimum payouts are in increments of $100.00.

How do I send my family, friends & followers to you?

Ambassadors will receive a custom code.  This code gives your referred customers 10% OFF all of our products.

(We are working on a more innovative ways for our Ambassador Program to share Dank Flavors in the future.)

Can I use your program if I'm new to the Internet?

Heck yes! All you have to do is share your special code with your family, friends and followers.  You can even do this by word of mouth, by writing it down for someone you meet who's interested, or sharing through text, while never even using the internet. Utilize any of the Dank Flavors content that we have created or creative content that you have made and want to share with the world and you are good to go!

Do you have a bulk email policy?

Sending an email of any type to those who haven't asked for mailings is known as SPAM. We do not allow any type of email or newsgroup spamming. We only utilize opt-in mailing lists on our site, lists of which are privately kept by Dank Flavors.  Should we find out any Ambassador accounts involved in email or newsgroup list advertisements, we will shut down the account and void all pending commission income. We encourage our Ambassadors to use a legal form of advertising they wish to use with the exception of bulk email and newsgroup spamming.

How do I track what I've earned?

Dank Flavors keeps lists of every order made and has a separate system for its Ambassadors codes and sales. 

We will notify you every time someone uses your code and you will also have a weekly email stating your current earnings!

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If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help you out through the application process!

Thank You!

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