Two individuals, two minds, two hearts, two bodies, 

two completely different people with -


As the Creators of Dank Flavors, we found ourselves seeking a sleek, sophisticated, organic, CBD rich, terpene infused product, that wasn't overpriced and unsatisfactory.  We realized that what we sought, was our own touch of magic in the world.  

After being heavily involved in coaching, athletics, the medical field, working with unique communities, veterans, special needs, charity work and more, we knew we needed to match our passion with custom, products unlike anything we could find.

Dank Flavors was born and this is just the beginning of our creative energy and offerings for our beautiful clients and family of supporters.

We welcome you to our Dank Flavors world of pure, clean, natural, life giving and invigorating line of products!  

And we invite you to allow CBD to change your life and the life of those you love!

Creators of Dank Flavors

E & M Zosia